WBAT v5.14

The WBAT Support Team incorporates requests from the WBAT Community with each platform enhancement, ensuring WBAT remains an integral tool in your safety management system.

Please feel free to contact the WBAT Support Team through the WBAT Help Center with any questions.

System Enhancements

Tracking Regulatory Violations on the FAA Quarterly Report

When an Analyst closes an ASAP report, the Close Report screen that appears includes a number of required fields to specify such information as whether or not the report was sole source or should be accepted into the FAA ASAP. This release adds a new required field so the Analyst must indicate whether or not the report involved an FAA regulatory violation. WBAT automatically tracks the count of FAA regulatory violations on ASAP reports, adding this statistic to the FAA Quarterly Report.

FAA Quarterly Report Statistics

In the situation where an ASAP report was closed late or reopened and closed, the FAA Quarterly Report now allows an Administrator to override the statistics to manually enter the correct data. This “Override Statistics” option is available in the Actions Section of the FAA Quarterly Report screen for an FAA Quarterly Report with an Open status. An Administrator can modify the values for each statistic and then select “OK” to save the new values to the FAA Quarterly Report. (To revert back to the original system-generated values, an Administrator or Analyst simply selects the Update button in the Statistics section of the FAA Quarterly Report screen and then “OK” from the Regenerate FAA Quarterly Report Statistics screen that appears.)

Other Enhancements

The following other enhancements are included:

  • Added an option that prevents SRA Accountable Managers from approving their own SRAs. Contact the WBAT Support Team to enable this option.
  • Added an optional administrative restriction to prevent users from editing email addresses in their WBAT user profile. Administrators and an employee loader would only be able to update email addresses. This feature prevents other users from specifying non-company-issued email addresses to receive safety-related messages.

Bug Fixes

The following fixes are included:

  • Corrected an error that prevented some Risk Control assignees from accessing the assigned Risk Control.
  • Removed duplicate Attachment and Association details from the Investigation print view.
  • Modified the Corrective Action search so the appropriate Corrective Actions now display when filtered by report type.
  • Updated the date/time widget to calculate the current time based on the browser location and time zone settings as well as be more user friendly on the Safari browser.


The following changes are included:

Category Attribute
Minimum FA Crew Not On Board Predeparture Briefing Covered Minimum Crew
Minimum FA Crew Not On Board Agent Discussed Alternate Procedures of Being Reached
Minimum FA Crew Not On Board Were you familiar with what minimum crew was on aircraft prior to event?
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