WBAT v5.13.1

The WBAT Support Team incorporates requests from the WBAT Community with each platform enhancement, ensuring WBAT remains an integral tool in your safety management system.

Please feel free to contact the WBAT Support Team through the WBAT Help Center with any questions.

System Enhancements

Customizable Executive Summaries for ASAP and Incident Report Types

The executive summaries available for ASAP and incident report types are now customizable. A single user-specified source query will provide the search parameters for the executive summary. Analyses created from that query will be displayed in a designated order on the Executive Summary screen.

During the upgrade to v5.13.1, a default query will be added to the WBAT system as the source of the executive summary. Several default analyses will also be added so the executive summary displays similar information. Analysts and Administrators can edit the default query and analyses as needed, or select a different source query and analyses, to display relevant information for their organization.

Please contact the WBAT Support Team for additional training on customizing executive summaries.

Enhancements to Queries

The following query-related enhancements are included:

  • Added an option in a cross-object-type query for the user to select whether the query is an “inner join” (displaying results from where the tables overlap) or a “left outer join” (displaying all results from the left table [i.e., the first specified query] and overlapping results from the other tables [i.e., all other specified queries]).
  • Added the capability to export data from a cross-object-type query as a TDE file.
  • Added the capability to export data from a cross-object-type query via the Object Web Service (OWS) as a CSV or TDE file.

Updates to Server Structure

The WBAT Development Team has updated the structure of the servers supporting the WBAT systems. This backend change will not affect how users log into WBAT, just the displayed URL in the browser address bar.

The URL format that your users will continue to specify to access your WBAT system will remain the same, that is, the domain (typically your organization name) followed by “.wbat.org” (such as training.wbat.org, where “training” is the domain).

However, once your users log into your WBAT system, they will see a different URL in the browser address bar so in the “training” domain example, the URL would be: app.wbat.org/training/landing

Other Enhancements

The following other enhancements are included:

  • Added a requirement that before the FAA Quarterly Report is submitted to the FAA either at least one safety enhancement is included or a checkbox acknowledging that there are no safety enhancements is selected.
  • Added the capability to associate investigations with safety plans.
  • Created a warning message for users that do not have JavaScript enabled on their browser.
  • Updated the SMS VP/Part 5 gap analysis checklist with the most recent version published by the FAA.

Bug Fixes

The following fixes are included:

  • Corrected an error that occurred when associating a corrective action with an evaluation.
  • Fixed the SRA Meeting Viewer privilege so the SRA Viewer privilege is not needed for SRA meeting agenda capabilities, aligning with other Meeting Viewer privileges.
  • Enhanced the Notes field on the Summary screen to allow scrolling of the Notes field to see all available text.
  • Corrected an issue in investigations so the narrative was displayed and editable.
  • Added the “New” Workflow for SMS IM.
  • Corrected an issue with the HREF in the Contact Us pop-up dialog box.
  • Corrected an error that occurred when the Analyst assigned to a report accessed that report through the Assigned to Me screen.
  • Corrected an issue that allowed users to be deleted even after being assigned an object or submitting a report.
  • Corrected an issue resulting in inconsistent line returns in narratives.
  • Corrected an issue with summary workflows so Viewer Access can now be automatically enabled.
  • Corrected an issue allowing the user to resubmit a report to NASA ASRS or update an NASA ASRS submission.
  • Corrected issues with the LOSA V2 submission form.
  • Corrected an issue with the De-identified Print view to hide identified information.
  • Added the Employee Group column to CSV query output.
  • Corrected an issue with SRA Maximum Risk Factors not recalculating with the addition and removal of risk objects.
  • Limited the length of the RAT Score Statement to prevent errors when submitting a RAT submission form.
  • Added the HazMat Event Information section to the Report and Summary screens.
  • Corrected an issue with the scroll bar extending off the screen.


The following changes are included:

  • Mapped the RAT Detail category attributes to Cabin, Central Load Planner, Dispatch, Ground, and Other Employees RAT report types.
  • Mapped all “HFACS” categories and attributes to Air Medical Crew ASAP, Incident, and Fatigue report types.



Event Information

Duration time violation went undetected

Event Information

How apparent violation was discovered

Event Information

Verified non-comp ended after violation identified

Action Taken

Immed action taken to end conduct result in violation

Task Description

Action Taken

Task Description

Date Action Completed

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