WBAT v5.12.6

The WBAT Support Team incorporates requests from the WBAT Community with each platform enhancement, ensuring WBAT remains an integral tool in your safety management system.

Please feel free to contact the WBAT Support Team through the WBAT Help Center with any questions.

System Enhancements

Hide User Profile Fields Not in Use

Administrators can now contact the WBAT Support Team to request that any field on the Edit Contact Information screen (i.e., user profile) be hidden if that field is not in use at the organization. For example, if an organization does not use FAA Certificate Number, then that field can be hidden so it does not take up space on the user’s screen.

Updated Automated Employee Loader That Supports CSV Data Inputs

The automated employee loader was previously limited to only XML data inputs. Now, the automated employee loader accepts appropriately formatted CSV data inputs. Please contact the WBAT Support Team with questions.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue when updating user profile information that resulted in an error.
  • Corrected an issue with the data de-identification purge utility where the utility was not de-identifying ASAP reports that are linked to summaries with incident reports. Now, ASAP reports are de-identified regardless of whether the summary is also linked to an incident report.
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