WBAT v5.16.2

WBAT v5.16.2 Release Notes

The WBAT Safety Support Team incorporates requests from the WBAT Community with each platform enhancement, ensuring WBAT remains an integral tool in your safety management system.

Please feel free to contact the WBAT Safety Support Team through the WBAT Help Center with any questions.


Enhanced Safety Assurance Module

In addition to the redesigned New Audit, New Inspection, and New Evaluation screens, WBAT offers the new Checklist Template feature for these top-level SA objects. A checklist template is a collection of questions or requirements that authorized users can easily create and save, and then later add to these top-level SA objects when configuring them. Authorized users can modify a saved checklist template and either save again with the same name or a new one. After a checklist template is added to an audit, inspection, or evaluation, authorized users can delete one or more checklist items, if appropriate.

Additionally, the New Checklist Template screen offers new drag-and-drop capabilities, enabling authorized users to manipulate rows and columns to restructure the layout of the questions/requirements (e.g., set Level of Compliance as the second column).

Operators can now customize the level of compliance for each question within a checklist template as well as in the Checklist section of an audit, inspection, and evaluation.

Moreover, the enhanced Checklist section on the Audit, Inspection, and Evaluation screens allows users to update checklist items (i.e., add findings, corrective actions, and/or comments) and, rather than from the Actions Section, complete the audit, inspection, or evaluation within the Checklist section.

This release also includes new and improved Safety Assurance search and query capabilities.

Other Enhancements

  • Enhanced the data sharing initiative for Air Traffic Safety Action Program (ATSAP) to now include the Suggestion narrative when Analysts elect to share an ASAP summary with ATSAP.
  • Added a data sharing initiative for bird/wildlife strike information, enabling applicable users to submit a standalone FAA Wildlife Report. Furthermore, added a prompt for applicable users to submit an FAA Wildlife Report when they select a bird/wildlife strike attribute on ASAP, Incident, General, and Fatigue submission forms. The prompt is on the Submission Receipt screen, which appears after users confirm submitting the report. Selecting the prompt displays the New FAA Wildlife Report screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected formatting of meeting minutes in the meeting agenda to show line breaks.
  • Corrected the print report capability for ASAP and non-ASAP meetings to ensure data within each column of the agenda lines up correctly with the corresponding headers.
  • Updated Narrative fields on report screens to support new paragraphs via the browser-dependent keystroke combination for a line feed (LF), such as Alt+Enter and Command+Enter.
  • Updated free text fields to stop text entry when the character limit of 255 is reached.
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