Contacting WBAT Support

Please call (856) 282-2669 to speak to the WBAT Support Team. Our customer service line hours are Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please follow the instructions below to submit a support request online.

1. Select Submit a Request at the top right of the web page.

2. Select the appropriate priority for the request.

The following priorities are possible:

  • Low—Use this priority for general requests that don't require an immediate response.
  • Normal—Use this priority for general requests, such as changing or enabling forms, enabling modules, or asking any “how to use WBAT”-related questions. These requests will be responded to in order of receipt.
  • High—Use this priority for issues with connectivity or errors; for example, WBAT is useable but requires a fix to correct a minor error, fails intermittently, or inhibits the your ability to function. Typically, the response time for this type of request is within 76 to 96 hours.
  • Urgent—Use this priority for severe issues, such as WBAT is down or unresponsive. Typically, the response time for this type of request is within 24 hours.

3. Specify a short title for your request.
Note: If you type a title related to an existing article in the WBAT Help Center, the Suggested Articles section appears, providing one or more links to information that may help you resolve your issue. Select a link to display the article and leave the Submit a Request web page.

4. Specify a detailed description of the problem.

5. Add any attachments. (The file size limit is 20MB.).

6. Click Submit.

Tracking Your Support Requests

Users can use the WBAT Help Center to track their support requests.

1. Click your profile icon at the top right of any web page, and then click My Activities.

From here, you can view your support requests or the support requests from your organization. Organizations are created and shared by the WBAT Support Team. By default, the My Activities web page displays all requests that you have submitted, but you can also view only those on which you are a carbon copy (CC) recipient.

2. To see a filtered view of your requests, enter a search term in the Search Requests box or select a request status from the Status list box.

The following statuses are possible:

  • Open—The ticket has been assigned to the Support Team who is working to resolve it.
  • Awaiting your reply—The ticket has been assigned to the Support Team, but the team is waiting for more information from you before resolving the ticket.
  • Solved—The ticket has been closed by the WBAT Support Team.

3. To see details about a request, click the request title.


To speak to the WBAT Support Team, please call (856) 282-2669.


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