WBAT v5.14.2

The WBAT Support Team incorporates requests from the WBAT Community with each platform enhancement, ensuring WBAT remains an integral tool in your safety management system.

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System Enhancements

Redesign of Analysis Chart Styles and Three New Types of Charts

Analyses with SQC and Pareto charts have been updated with a new chart style. Additionally, three new types of charts for analyses have been added: pie chart, bar chart, and line chart. With this redesign and additional chart types, WBAT also now includes some formatting enhancements that allow you to customize the layout of the chart and table on the “Analysis Results” screen.

Addition of Rate-Based Option to Analyses

Analysts can now add departure data to WBAT via the Departure Data Section on the Operational Data screen and then utilize the departure data to display a rate of occurrence, rather than just count of occurrence, on the “Analysis Results” screen. To include rate-based information, from the Edit Analysis Arguments screen when creating/executing an analysis with a bar, Pareto, or pie chart, specify a value in the Date field; for an analysis with a line or SQC chart, specify “Yes” in the Rate field.

Updated Interactive Q&A Search Widget

The Interactive Q&A search widget has been updated to allow for easier searching. There are now three search modes: View Reports, Category Keyword, and Attribute. The View Reports mode displays a list view of objects based on the date filter. The Category Keyword mode offers a list of prebuilt analyses with a Pareto chart/table based on keywords. The Attribute mode allows the Analyst to select the Aspect, Category, and then Attribute, displaying information in a prebuilt analysis with a specific chart/table.


Q&A Tools Added for the Requirement Object-Type

The Requirements Sections has been added to the Query & Analysis screen in Safety Assurance. This Section allow users to query on all Requirements and add Requirements to Cross-Object-Type queries.

Airport Details Included in CSV-Based Query Output

Additional details, such as airport latitude and longitude, are included in CSV-based query outputs.

Hyperlinked Object in Cross-Object-Type Query Output

The output of a Cross-Object-Type query now includes a hyperlink to the object. The object ID is a hyperlink and if selected, displays the “Object Details” screen for that specific object.

Fixed Header Row on the HTML-Based “Query Results” Screen

The header row on the “Query Results” screen stays at the top as you scroll through the query results.

Enhancements Related to Associated Objects Displayed on the HTML-Based “Query Results” Screen

The following enhancements are included:

  • Associated Objects ID(s) column–When generating an HTML report for a query, the displayed query results now include a column for Associated Objects ID(s). Additionally, the combined object-type and ID are a hyperlink to the “Object Details” screen for that particular associated object.
  • Full Display of Associated Objects–A bug has been corrected, so now all associated objects are displayed in the query results, regardless of which object was created or linked first.
  • Display of Associated Hazards on the “Query Results” Screen–The Cross-Object-Type query previously included only Hazards directly related to an SRA. This version was updated, so all Hazards, directly related Hazards and Associated Hazards, are included in the Cross-Object-Type query results.

Bug Fixes

The following fixes are included:

  • Removed a notification sent to Audit, Evaluation, and Inspection assignees when the object had a status of New and has not yet been scheduled.
  • Corrected labels for Association Links so they pull from specific employee groups and not Administration.
  • Added keywords to “Aircraft System/Equipment Malfunction.”
  • Enabled broadcast emails to be sent from the Administration employee group to users that have access to the Administration employee group.


The following changes are included:



LOSA Automation Management


LOSA Communication Environment


LOSA Contingency Management


LOSA Evaluation Plans


LOSA Inquiry


LOSA Leadership


LOSA Monitor / Cross Check


LOSA Plans Stated


LOSA SOP Briefings


LOSA Taxi / Runway Management


LOSA Vigilance


LOSA Workload Management



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