UTRS Launches Streamlined Aviation Safety Division

UTRS, the proven leader of flight safety in the United States, announced in October that it is moving the WBAT Platform forward with a streamlined support plan to help all types of operations improve their safety culture.
"Our commitment to safety has been resolute throughout the past 20 plus years. We're excited to bring our products and services back in house and expand our offerings to help promote and ensure safety through our use of technology, understanding of safety processes, and safety experts," said Albert Zalcmann, President.
WBAT is not only the leading safety reporting tool for ASAP but also the primary contributor to such critical data-sharing initiatives as ASIAS and ASRS. Additionally, WBAT has been developed with FAA support and input to ensure regulatory requirements are met. To further prove this favorable collaboration, WBAT has already been recognized by the FAA as meeting the latest FAA-mandated SMS rules, well ahead of their March 2018 deadline.
Kamron Githens, Program Manager, added: "We want the entire WBAT Community to know we are streamlining our WBAT Support Services and that our relationship with the FAA has never been stronger as they have already funded the WBAT Platform for the next government fiscal year. Our Team is rolling out new advances to the software, conducting ongoing training, and responding to our customers' requests daily. We are committed to moving safety forward, as evidenced by the September launch of our new mobile app, which offers a good way for organizations to improve their reporting culture."
To learn more about the WBAT Safety Division, visit www.wbatsafety.com.
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