Accessing Documentation and Templates in WBAT

Analysts and Administrators have access to the Resources page, which can be found by clicking on the link for “Resources” in the left sidebar.

The Resources page has two sections: Taxonomy and Documentation. The Taxonomy section is where you can search for Attributes or Categories, which can be useful when editing forms or analyzing data.

The Documentation section has four subsections: WBAT Help Center, WBAT Explained, WBAT Server Customization, and Viewer & Submitter Guides. The WBAT Help Center subsection contains a direct link to the WBAT Help Center.

The WBAT Explained subsection contains the Audit/Evaluation/Inspection checklist template in csv format. You can download this template to create your own checklist to upload into an audit, evaluation, or inspection. The other document available in this subsection is the WBAT Administrator and Analyst Guide. This is a comprehensive guide that provides details on how to manage the WBAT platform as an Administrator and how to use each module in WBAT.

The WBAT Server Customization subsection contains several different templates for loading aircraft and points of contact. If you would like to do a bulk update to aircraft or points of contact, please review the templates and guides in this subsection and contact the WBAT Support Team to complete the update.

The Viewer & Submitter Guides subsection contains two different guides in .docx format. The Viewer Guide was created for ERC viewers, Meetings viewers and other viewers, and contains all the information about WBAT a viewer will need to know. The Submitter Guide was created for submitters of any type, and it contains information on how to log in, review messages, and submit reports in WBAT. These guides are available in an editable format so you can download them, customize them for your platform and operation, and provide them to your viewers and submitters.

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